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Heirloom are on a mission to create heavy, yet accessible songs like “Accuser”. In the band’s own words, “The song highlights the more melodic and catchy elements of the record, but certainly does not withhold the heavy.” Heirloom is chock full of money riffs, catchy hooks, and a solid chorus that will leave listeners begging for more. The lyrics themselves further contribute to the song as a whole, combatting manipulative and narcissistic personalities in a struggle that’s relatable for many. 
 “Accuser” is a quick and dirty banger that’ll leave the listener gasping for breath and hitting the “repeat” button. Heirloom are well on their way to blaze trails through the progressive metalcore scene, and with songs like “Accuser” it’s hard to argue that they don’t belong with some of the bigger acts on the circuit. The band have big plans for 2021 and anticipate a number of forthcoming releases, so “Accuser” is only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a big year for Heirloom.
 - JD Walker, Ghost Killer Entertainment