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Hi! I’m Tómas, a 23 year old artist from Iceland with Tourette Syndrome & an obsession for creating new things. 
 "Tómas Welding has observed musicians through the lens ever since he got his first camcorder on the day of his confirmation. But it was only a year ago that he felt like holding the microphone himself. Not taken seriously by his friends to begin with, it was when he nailed the vocals for his debut single ’Sideways’ in one take – even improvising the lyrics on the spot – that they realised his talent. With seventy demos on his hard drive, he’s sure to persuade the rest of us before long." -Landsbankinn. 
 "Are you optimistic by nature? In love? Do you believe in unicorns? Boy, do we have the pop act for you. Tómas Welding is like if chocolate cake had offspring with a lollipop: sugary, sweet and slick as hell. But be assured, he has a great voice and solid EDM composition. His upcoming album is a collaboration between Tómas and his producer, Pálmi from Rok Records—the one that brought you brilliant pop acts like Glowie and Bríet. So don’t despair, just saddle up that unicorn and ride into the sugary sunset with your anime sparkling eyes. Doesn’t that feel good?" -The Reykjavík Grapevine.