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It's hard to describe Joy's stunning and unique style. Imagine Adele meets Ray LaMontagne, and this might get you in the ballpark. A Toronto-based indie singer-songwriter, Joy's work has earned her a fan-base locally and abroad. Her five song EP, Reckless, is a diverse collection of songs that showcases her soulful pop-rock flare, brilliantly infused with elements of folk and country. Her voice is dynamic and soulful as are her lyrics and performances. Where elements of pop-rock, soul and folk blend into a mosaic of sonic brilliance, Reckless is an album with the ability to awe, inspire and evoke emotion. Singer-songwriter, Joy Phillips’ debut album was recorded at, Loud Mouse Studios, in Toronto by highly accomplished producer, Ben Nudds (Alyssa Reid, Colin Munroe, Virginia to Vegas, Rouletta). The record has been described as “musically, oozing emotion.... very heart-felt...” - Phil Demetro, senior engineer at Lacquer Channel (Toronto). For more information, please visit