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Not many up-and-comers from the Northwest already have experience in stage design, label management, talent buying, graphic design, web development, music production and premier DJ’ing. As a selectah, Kissay champions multi-genre broken beats and heavy low-end textures, but he also has deep roots in both house and techno. His productions flirt with deconstructed club and a melodic minimalism to evoke an intimate yet alien emotiveness. Combining his multimedia skill set, Kissay intends to redefine the contemporary categorizations of electronic music and the culture that surrounds it. Kissay is an example of the refreshing step forward that the underground scene can take in the upcoming generation. Never expect his releases to replicate. They will constantly be a reflection of his forward-leaning perspectives. The Kissay of today will look nothing like the Kissay of next year, but you will recognize him in his passion for experimentation, for connecting the dots between the disparate genres and artistic mediums that for too long have remained ostracized from each other. Kissay’s musical vision is refreshing. Few artists are able to achieve such a venerated status within a community while constantly challenging its comfort-zone. As an individual, his personality immediately impresses with kindness, integrity, and professionalism. So, when Kissay says that his artistry is only a means to amplify his personality, we know we’re in for a truly valuable experience.