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Rajarose.com Raja Rose is an Hindu American singer and songwriter. This RnB/Pop Artist is hailing from the streets of Long Island. Raja Rose is also one of New York City’s Rising Stars is becoming one of the music industry's leading alternative R&B performers. With Raja’s background, doesn’t succumb to stereotypes easily. He is the son of small villagers from Gujarat, India. His early musical influences ranged from traditional Indian music to the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson. Raja Rose started writing and playing musical instruments at an early age. Never shy about displaying his talents, Raja can remember as a young kid playing and singing traditional Indian Music for during his family gatherings. Raja’s music is enjoyed by all ages. He has deep stories and experiences he hopes to share in his music. As someone who has once struggled with addiction, he writes about the effects on health, family and relationships. Now, kicking off his summer with a new banger “One Night Only” in which is paying homage to late singing group “Soul 4 Real” a household classic “Candy Rain”. This up-tempo vibrant track ignites Raja Rose’s first single off of his EP “A Dozen Roses with Different Doses.” This Cali-Summer record will have you open your soul, let loose and dance.

YouTube, Raja Rose, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1ie0CooTpzbSY-GqKS_VA