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Corporate veteran, lawyer and writer, Reini has lived in South Africa since childhood. The ingredients of his highly personal renditions range between European roots and a deep love of Africa. Socio-political commentary, environmental issues and a quest for fairness define his minimalistic lyrics. We are all rich and poor, black and white. Prisoner set us free - you are who we might be. He keeps his options open like a can of gasoline. They say we crawled out of the ocean, neither fish nor fowl. You were my dream that didn’t come true, magazine queen that wanted me too. All the pictures on your wall will end up hanging in my head.

The view from paradise across the bay changes magnificently every day. They don’t belong to anyone; they are perfect on their own. There’s a cove in Corsica where lovers love to go. Travel together, two is better than one. Beheading Moet et Chandon by the sword. Sometimes you leave us out of breath, tank on empty. His album, ‘Leave your Light on’, produced by Jonny Blundell, enjoys regular radio airtime. The new album, ‘Memories of Rain’ with Rootspring Music again produced by Jonny Blundell, was launched recently. He lives with his wife, Lynne, overlooking False Bay at the Cape of Storms playing blues of good hope...