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Tarantola is a London-based Reggae band that comprises 5 energetic musicians who come from different corners of the world and who share their diverse musical influences to bring vibrant releases and energetic performances to international audiences. Mauro Lacandia, the main writer, hailing straight from Puglia, seeks to recreate the legend of “Taranta" (the traditional music from Salento) and the spider that bites people and brings them in a state of trance which can only be cured with music, dance and love! From their small “Tarantolab” studio, the band, supervised by the Italian Reggae Ambassador Treble Lu Professore (former Sud Sound System, Boomdabash, Mama Marjas)

is releasing since 2020 a cycle of monthly Reggae releases. “Estate In Salento” is an anthem to the Southern part of Puglia called Salento, where Mauro is from! This song speaks about the feeling of going back home after a very long time, reconnecting with the most simple things which give the energy and the right positivity to gather on the beach with friends singing and dancing Reggae Music!