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Five years ago, award-winning singer-songwriter Lakin found herself at a painfully challenging intersection between love & loss. She had to choose between the love of her life & the love of her spiritual community. Through rigorous internal dialogue & reflection, Lakin made sense and processed her predicament.
 Her upcoming album, Silent Conversations—her sophomore release, and Lakin’s first in 5 years —is a seasons-of-a-life album that soulfully, and intimately, invites us into what proved to be a transformative internal process. This aptly-titled collection of songs unfolds a narrative of salvation through honesty.
 “I wanted this album to be about things that scared me, and things that were a true vision of me,” the Southern California-based artist shares.
 On Silent Conversations, Lakin homes in on her signature aesthetic which blurs the lines between pop, neo-soul, & folk. Lakin writes, produces, & arranges her recorded offerings. A smooth & sophisticated sense of harmony & melody permeate her smartly crafted pop compositions and her sensually emotive singing.
 Whereas Lakin’s debut album was an eclectic expression of creativity, Silent Conversations is stylistically focused, centered around a well-developed acoustic pop-soul vision. “I wanted this one to be my bread & butter—I wanted to establish what Lakin sounds like,” she says.
 Lakin will seed the path to the album through issuing a series of singles before releasing the full album in the spring of 2020.