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Marlene Bakker is a rare appearance in the Dutch music scene. She’s a one of a kind singer/songwriter and is blessed with a stunning deep voice. Her music has an entirely unique place within the music industry because she writes and sings in a dialect called Gronings. This dialect is spoken in the province of Groningen and is part of the Dutch Low Saxon language that covers the northeastern part of the Netherlands. 
 In 2018 Marlene officially released her highly praised debut album RAIF. For her single 'Waarkhanden' she received a price for best song in Low Saxon Dialect in 2017. The song is about going back to your hometown and roots after have being away for a long time. The feeling of being homesick together with the fear of going back are mixed in this song, in which you can conclude that blood is thicker than water. RAIF is produced by Bernard Gepken and mixed by Luuk Cox at ICP Studios in Brussels. 
 "Never before was the Groninger dialect connected to cinematic arrangements that sound so contemporary, in which the songs of a singer-songwriter are carefully draped in dreamy and broad sounds. Raif is a unique listening experience, a serene and melancholic spell which is lovingly crafted and captured into sound. Somehow it's just incredibly romantic." ***** review DvhN - Peter van der Heide On the 18th of December 2020 Marlene will release her new single 'Nijjoar'.