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Hailing from southwest Virginia, Taylor Ray Holbrook worked as a lumberjack & super-max prison guard before trying his hand as a country artist. Utilizing various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat, Holbrook quickly built an online audience for his unique home-grown style. His independently released debut single, "Steal My Kiss," vaulted him onto the Billboard country charts in 2015. Following move to Nashville, in 2016, he released the acoustic single "Tie Me Down" which had just as much success on the Billboard charts! He hasn’t quit there, showing success with each release! Even a #1 with “These Hands” & In December of 2017, Taylor Ray had enough of living in Nashville & bought a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains, where he travels to & from. If you're looking for an independent artist to support, you'll love this man! Snapchat: TaylorRaysSnap https://linktr.ee/taylorray