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S.A. Robertson, known professionally and artistically as Optivion, is an American recording artist, painter, writer, singer-songwriter, DJ, and multifaceted illustrator with vampire hunting skills. With his musical work recognized as “Electronic, Ambient and Alternative Rock. ” Melding themes of vintage blues, synth pop, and world music: capturing the mystic east and gear driven west with new wave compositions, post-punk goth riffs, cinematic melancholia, and jubilant dance tracks. Optivion has perform at prominent clubs, underground events such as Burning Man, and throughout Tokyo's Japanese live House scene (ライブハウス). His art was also featured at 2,191 Days and Counting: New York Exhibition to Benefit Iraq Vets Against the War (Powerhouse Arena w/ Steve McCurry of Nat Geo). Robertson was born in Atlanta, GA, and developed a love for the arts at a young age. His mother was a teacher and part of his youth was spent with the Nukak tribe inside the Amazon.

@Optivion is fierce on tread and prance escorting the primordial strike of initial alternative dance, the electronic intensity of early Depeche Mode, and a windfall of blues and indie music. Optivion brings an obscurely grungy mood to his sound, recollecting the radiant machination of David Bowie.