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The 1980's in Toronto Canada were the golden age of an incredible local rock music scene highly influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds coming from England. From that era Chyld was born after guitarist Glen Cunningham met singer Rob Villemaire and joined forces with drummer Neal Busby. After a lengthy search bassist Pete Dove joined the ranks after his departure from another band. Chyld began rehearsals in Toronto with a diligent schedule that produced results very quickly and with an arsenal of original songs they were ready to take on the Toronto metal club scene centered around the infamous venue Larry's Hideaway. In 1986 they recorded 3 songs which resulted in the debut 7 inch single "Lite the Nite/Ye Morlok" being released on their own independent label Chyldysh Records. Sadly it never got the attention it deserved at the time, but later achieved legendary status in the European metal world and sold on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. Sadly Chyld packed it in sometime in 1986 for reasons even the band cannot remember. In 2012 inspired by the surge of interest in the old 7 inch single Chyld reformed and recorded one old song "Burning Alive", tragically it was the last song that singer Rob sang as he passed away in 2017. His vocals sat in a computer for 7 years until drummer Neal Busby took the reins and decided the song had to be finished and recruited super fret demon Todd Lefever to record the guitars and get the song ready to be released to the world.