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Boss Doms

is a creation by Edoardo Manozzi. To call him a Dj/Producer would be an understatement: he’s an ecletctic artist, born as a guitarist, experienced on all instruments known to mankind, with a late Seventies punk glam aesthetic let loose on modern technology for making music. 
 Born in the suburbs of Rome, he always knew music would have a leading role in his life. He started playing when he was just a kid absorbing any musical genre he was exposed to. 
 The revelation came when he was 18 at his first rave where he opened his eyes and his ears to an entirely new world – electronic music. He went home the very next morning and downloaded some software to create music. His career as a producer had started. 
 At the outset he had a daytime job and at night he would produce music and dj at clubs and raves around Rome. At this time he began produce some beats for his neigbourhood artis friends. One of these was the now famous italian pop artist Achille Lauro. 
 Boss Doms has played on massive sold out tours, collaborated with the biggest italian acts and got multiple platinum records. 
 Now that Italy has been conquered, his solo project is the main focus. Doms has refined his own personal electronic recipe. It’s one of those dishes you always want more of.