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Bitchin Bajas began in 2010 as a solo side project for Cooper Crain, guitarist of Chicago Krautrock revivalists Cave. The early sounds of Bitchin Bajas were equally psychedelic but decidedly less aggressive than Crain's primary band, opting for more textural exploration than rhythmic force. The project quickly became prolific in its release of music, starting with the Tones & Zones full-length in 2010 and trickling out split singles, EPs, cassette-only releases, and the like among more actualized full-lengths every year that followed. The solo project was expanded to a duo with the inclusion of Mahjongg's Dan Quinlivan, adding more synth and guitar textures to Crain's web of spectral sound. Rob Frye, also of Cave, eventually became a member of Bitchin Bajas, contributing flute, saxophone, and guitar. Albums documenting the group's development arrived often, with 2011's Water Wrackets, 2012's Vibraquatic, and 2013's more fully realized Bitchitronics. Though the band had either self-released its music or worked with a variety of lesser-known indie labels, Bitchitronics arrived on indie giant Drag City. The next year, a self-titled double album materialized, seeing the band branch out into more sprawling fields of sound over its eight-song and almost 80-minute running time. Transporteur, a shorter LP on the French label Hands in the Dark, was released in 2015. That same year saw the group collaborating with fellow Chicago spell-casters Natural Information Society on Automaginary, and 2016's Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties brought Bonny "Prince" Billy along for the ride. Also in 2016, the group collaborated with filmmaker Olivia Wyatt (Sublime Frequencies) for the film Sailing a Sinking Sea, which was released as an LP/DVD set. The double album Bajas Fresh appeared in 2017. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi