Letters From The Colony


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    Erasing Contrast
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    The Final Warning
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LETTERS FROM THE COLONY came to be in 2010, deep in the catacombs of a local music venue with affordable rehearsal rooms.
Lowering their sights or just taking small steps at the beginning of their career has always been out of the question for LETTERS FROM THE COLONY. Therefore, their first full-length release was produced and mastered by Jens Bogren (DIMMU BORGIR, OPETH, PARADISE LOST), whilst Peter Tägtgren did not shy away from declaring a big recommendation for the band. A highly complex construct of math metal, crushing death elements and virtuosic shoegaze moments is what the world can expect from this young Swedish quintet. The progressive death metal architects build upon the intersection between perfection and ordered chaos; the unbridled joy of experimentation and virtuosic instrument mastery. They deliver highly complex songs full of unbound aggression, progressive structures,but also don't shy away from playing saxophone alongside guitars or sampling the roar of a deer into a track – yes, a deer! “A vignette can be defined as something that surrounds something, the edges of a photograph shading off gradually into darkness, or a brief scene in a play or a movie. The metaphor we’re making is somewhat ambiguous, but can be seen as a form of social commentary with regards to the state of the environment. We’re living as if we had the resources of multiple Earths, and it’s only a matter of time before modern society collapses" states singer Alexander Backlund.


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