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The Swedish dark indie pop band Makthaverskan formed during 2008 as a response to the happy pop music that surrounded them. Taking a name that referenced the Swedish word for powerful male, then giving it a feminine twist, the band was made up of vocalist/keyboardist Maja Milner, guitarist/bassists Hugo Randulv and Irma Krook, guitarist Gustav Andersson, and drummer Andreas Wettmark. The group came up with a dramatic take on indie pop that added some of the drama of post-punk and was topped by Milner's powerful vocals. They recorded a demo, then signed with Luxury Records and released their debut album, I, in late 2009. They next released the "Antabus" single in 2011, the same year Randulv and Andersson joined the shoegaze band Westkust. They continued to work with Makthaverskan and the band's second album, II, was released in March of 2013. They followed it soon after with the "Something More" single. Makthaverskan continued to gain followers with their music and live shows, eventually catching the ear of the Run for Cover label, which released II to an American audience in 2014. The band's plan to tour the U.S. was foiled by visa issues, but they did make it to SXSW in early 2015, right around the time the "Witness" single was issued. When the group next hit the recording studio, it was minus Andersson, who had decided to go solo. The remaining quartet worked painstakingly with producer Hans Olsson Brookes over a three-year span on their third album, titled III. It was released by Luxury and Run for Cover in late 2017. ~ Tim Sendra, Rovi