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At the age of eight, back in 2001, Pieter started to follow piano lessons from his grandmother. Back then he considered himself not dorky enough to follow music classes, but he secretly loved playing his little organ, singing songs, dancing with enthusiasm on ‘drink me up hearties’ from Hans Zimmer and playing the drums on the kitchen table. A few years later, when Pieter got his first ‘music composing’ experience with his brother, he eventually decided to start following basic music composing lessons from Bram Van Camp, a Belgian contemporary composer, one of the greatest of its kind. It was also Bram who sent Pieter to composing classes with Wim Henderickx and Diederik Glorieux, where he got the first opportunity to get some of his compositions performed live for a (small) audience. Later on, Pieter got a new passion: making electronic music that has some similarities with classical music and with ambient music. He first started with FruityLoops and Garageband (on his soundcloud page these creations can still be found), but it quickly became Reason and Ableton Live . ‘Inuit.’, released in August 2016, was his first ‘real’ project. The baseline is the story that the Inuit (inhabitants of Greenland) have more than twenty different names for snow. Pieter picked out four names, each with their own meaning. Simultaneously, all the tracks have the same atmosphere but are different in another way. It’s a metaphor that can only be understood by listening to the music.