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2 people. Playing rock n roll, and getting in trouble with the law. ✌️ 
 Hailing from a remote island at the bottom of the world, The Buzz Kills are your latest 2-piece pop-rock sensation to have cycling through your head. Led by captivating vocalist and songwriter Nathalie Gower, born in the 90s, the music takes a cue from this era, think k-pop meets a drug dealer in a dark laneway. 
 Gower’s blood is no stranger to rock fame, with her family producing platinum records and gracing Wembley in the 1980s. Coupled with deal junkie Sam Haberle, a born performer, living every moment as if it’s his last, matches Nathalie’s eccentricity with his bass playing energy. Living life to the max, jumping off bars, and ready to take over the world. This kid puts the tunes together like Biden takes under the table cash money. 
 A musical match made in heaven, this talented Duo create off the hook, pumping tracks. Their own unique and highly identifiable sound, matched with their creativity and passion to perform also means they are machines when it comes to creating their spellbinding award-winning music videos. 
 Dropping their debut single ‘Liar’ in late 2020 the track has received instant traction producing over 120k streams within months. 
 Riding high after their 4th consecutive week at #1 in the Australian Independent Chart, #4 in the ARIA chart, and #23 in the world with ‘Light a Candle’, a song they collaborated on with Jam Mountain Music, and donating all proceeds to charity.