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Perry Frank is an Ambient, Post-Rock, Acoustic and Psychedelic Music Project started in 2005 as a one man band by the sardinian musician Francesco Perra. The unique sound of Perry Frank is based on guitar and synth loops soundscapes that create imaginary and dreamy textures on which arpeggios and melodies move with a timeless and spaceless feeling. Perry Frank released four albums MUSIC TO DISAPPEAR (Idealmusik 2012), THE NEPTUNE SESSIONS (Clubland Records 2013), SOUNDSCAPE BOX 1 (Tranquillo Records 2014), REVERIE (Dynamo Tapes 2020) and made collaborations with several artists like Chords of Orion, From Overseas, Monochrome Season, Make Like a Tree, Andrea Carri, PCM, etc. In October 2014 Perry Frank has started a new project called AMBIENT GUITAR SESSIONS. The sessions are filmed and recorded live in different outdoor and indoor places like gardens, studios, museums, scenic and landscaped places, verandas. In February 2018 Perry started a project called PCM with the musicians and producers Matteo Cantaluppi and Matteo Milea. Their debut album ATTRAVERSO has been released in October 2019 by the american label n5MD. In December 2018 Perry Frank started the LACANAS project, based on tape loops, an unique music journey through Sardinian Folk Music combined with Ambient Music. In 2020 he released four singles: Planet Nine, Decades, Today Is Long Gone and Future Is A Ghost. In 2021 Perry has published with Valley View Records, three new singles: Landforms, Janas, Nebula.