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Singer/songwriter Rob Rice makes music so sultry and amorous it eradicates any ailment currently cramping your youthful, sensuous soul. A Kansas City native with a spark of millennial magic, his dusty acoustic music transitions from barn-burning ballads to soothing serenades, all of which contain notes of love, loss, and lust whilst learning to live with oneself through it all. On his debut EP and the Devil’s Threesome, Rob humbly assumes the role of choirmaster to a caravan of iconic Kansas City artists and musicians (12 in total) to create unique trios for each song, meditating and musing on the woes and wins of yesteryear. With instrumentation ranging from harp (Calvin Arsenia) and cello (Ezgi Karakus) to piano (Mark Lowrey) and layered vocals (Miki P), the collection remains cohesive with Rob’s compelling vocal melodies, introspective lyrics, and folky guitar. For listeners of Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, and Damien Rice (not related).