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Pellerhead is an electronic and classical analog music project located in Germany, the "Ruhrgebiet". Using real drums, guitars, bass and voice mixed with deep, electronic sounds it is open to many genres of electronic and handmade music and trying to bring both worlds together. Influenced by dark or cold wave, post rock, gothic, punk or many other genres – Pellerhead creates atmospheric, thoughtful music and an organic feel. What else to say about Pellerhead? He is playing drums in the band called "Klüsen" - just a rockband out of a dark bunker. Collaborates withs friends and people around the world like "Dreadthedays" and some others. Is writing and painting, when the time is there to do so. <br> anicca - dukkha - anattâ The answer is: forty-two or was it 46+2 or even no answer at all?