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Giulio Fagiolini is a composer born in Tuscany (Italy) in 1990. He started approaching music as a child. He followed classical studies for many years and expanded his music palette playing in several R&B, Psychedelia and Electronica bands. In the meantime, he also started a new path as a solo artist. Fascinated by soundtracks, classicism and minimalism, Giulio released his debut solo album "Dietro un vetro" (Behind a glass) in 2017, which was released and distributed by Home Normal (JP).

Minimal piano songs, directly from his home. In 2021 Giulio releases the singles "Plume" and "Crumbling", and the EP "Diamond", starting a new partnership with Believe Music Distribution. "In grado di generare infiniti colori quando una goccia di luce lo attraversa, infrangendosi in mille variazioni diverse, mille cromie".