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Currently Darren Farnsworth is drumming on Crook & The Bluff's new album, "Monoliths" (2021) HISTORY Darren was born in the Washington DC area before his family took him to Silicon Valley - San Francisco Bay Area in the late 70’s. It was there that he was inspired by music and technology. He went to school at Cogswell Polytechnical in Sunnyvale, California for Sound Engineering and had a dream of moving towards snow capped mountains. In 1994, he packed up his truck and a uHaul and drove out to Salt Lake City, Utah to follow his dream of opening up an analog recording studio. In a basement of his home in Utah an analog recording studio was built and soundproofed. It was there that he captured several musicians and bands over the years under the label Recording Club. DISCOGRAPHY 
(1999) Darren Farnsworth "Go with Your Heart" (2006) JEBU "Weapons Of Mass Dysfunktion" (2004) JEBU "Phase 4" (2011) Honest Soul "The Call of Crow" (2012) Pour Horse "Flood Lake City" (2012) Victoria Lagerstrom "Dancing With the Sun" (2017) Pig Eon "Bad Decisions, Shame & Regret" (2020) Crook & The Bluff "Run" (2021) Crook & The Bluff "Goner" (2021) Crook & The Bluff "New Shade of Blue" (2021) Crook & The Bluff "Red" (2021) Crook & The Bluff "Ballad of Blue 52" (2021) Crook & The Bluff "G.T.T." (2021) Cavedoll "Danny Nedelko"