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“Lyn is a must-see, can't-forget musician with limitless possibilities.” A recent winner of American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest, Singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Lyn Koonce mixes the sounds of alt-country and pop, with a hint of blues, to make music you’ll remember. With her guitar or piano as a backdrop, her voice is both powerful and comforting—and her award-winning songs follow suit. For Lyn, a song is a conversation, and she writes lyrics that bring down your guard and lift up your spirits. Her own truth shines through every line she sings, and everyone can see themselves in her light. In Begin Again, she’s authentically and unapologetically herself, and her evolving sound proves it. She leans into change and everything that comes with it. And she keeps a thumb on her own proverbial mixing board, continuously adjusting her levels on the sounds of love, pain and renewal.

When she’s not performing, Lyn is making her community a better place and ensuring everyone—no matter what—gets to experience the magic of music. But the stage is Lyn’s happy place, and it doesn’t matter if she’s singing for 10 people or a thousand. Whether she’s on a backyard stage for a good cause or sharing the spotlight with the Indigo Girls, you get the same Lyn every time—open-hearted, adventurous and real. She sings her stories with a sense of wonder that leaves you inspired to take on your own new beginning.