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Artist Bio Modal close icon A soulful songstress and energetic performer who brings the best of what people love about music together in one total package: great stage presence and a powerful quality sound. Her voice is inviting and stirring in a way that makes you want to hear more. She also has the ability to create an exciting atmosphere anywhere with all of the emotion she brings to each song. Having crafted lyrics and melodies all of her life and developing into a prolific songwriter in her own rite, Carmen can emote her message on a broadly appealing level without losing the spirit of the message within each song. Her voice exudes sincerity in every word and every note. A dedicated artist, she spends her time in the studio focused and intent on creating great music. When onstage, she is a captivating performer who involves the audience in every aspect of the music. People embrace her across age, cultural, and social backgrounds. She will dance unabashedly and with the greatest amount of enthusiasm possible. To see her perform is an experience unto itself.