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Jazz Robertson is a multi-talented vocalist and songwriter at the rise of an evolving pop scene. A Colorado native, Jazz has been immersed in the state’s thriving music scene her entire life. The results are an eclectic blend of genres, sounds, and instruments in her own original music. Jazz began playing the violin in the 5th grade. She later began to self teach on basic piano and acoustic guitar, and it wasn’t long before beginning the transition from musician to songwriter. While Jazz started writing poetry in early middle school, she was nearly 19 when she completed her first song. Soon after, she was accepted into Berklee College of Music, which helped to hone her songwriting skills and grow her capacity as a writer. In 2012, Jazz was invited to work as an intern at a Denver recording studio. It was here she had her first experience as a demo vocalist and very quickly fell in love with the recording process. Jazz continued on as a hobby writer for a number of years before seriously studying music production. She now uses her home studio to fully write and produce her original demos, which she feels gives her greater control and connection to her art. Inspired most by human emotion, all of Jazz’s songs are autobiographical. Her ability to honor and validate unique human experience keeps her music relatable and grounded in reality. Jazz has a drive, focus, and tenacity that will undoubtedly cause her to become a force to be reckoned with in the independent pop circuit.