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As the arts begin to drive mental illness out of the shadows and into the light, rapper/singer-songwriter/ producer Zanillya is leading the charge. Struggling with insecurity and self-doubt her entire life, emerging artist Zanillya is a talent that wants to make her own positive impact in the world. “The more we talk about it, the more we realize everyone has their demons,” she says. The reality of the music industry was imprinted on her from an early age, she witnessed first-hand the beauty and excitement, but also the dark side of it all. After an arduous journey through her inner self, which has taken her from the island of Aruba in the Caribbean to long hours in the studio with her long-time collaborator Humphrey Dennis, Zanillya is about to release her first EP. Which blends her very diverse influences, roots and interests: dancehall, Afrobeats, hip-hop and R&B. The most important element, though, as she puts it, is emotion.