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“Love is an action practiced over and over.” –Over and Over Minutes & Seconds is an acoustic trio from Orlando, Florida. BJ Orbase, band leader, principal songwriter, and guitarist, writes songs from honest explorations of life experiences and insights of both the high-and-lofty and the mundane. Shayne Leyco, the powerhouse vocalist, takes BJ’s words and makes them sparkle and soar, drawing from years of singing experience. Rounding out the trio is the adept percussionist Kenneth “Kenny” Crespo, who hails from a legacy of spectacular Latin musicians. “Your mind is your closest friend when it’s able, but lately it’s been a little bit insatiable.” –Insatiable Minutes & Seconds sings about love in its many forms, about mental health, and about the pockets of light that shine through the grays of the day-to-day. They also sing about doomsday preppers and million dollar postage stamps. “I’m not going to waste this day believing I’ve wasted this day.” –Run Out the Clock