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Having exploded onto the alt-rock scene in 2018 with their rousing blend of emo, punk and math, Brighton’s I Feel Fine have unleashed their stunning debut album. ‘The Cold in Every Shelter’ is a beautifully honest and heart-swelling set that displays an incredible knack for writing intricate, technically-minded rock music, but delivered with super-strength hooks and the quartet’s distinctively warming gang-vocal delivery. Building on the strong foundations set by their debut EP, I Feel Fine continue to deliver the nostalgically influenced alt-rock sound they tastefully pay homage to while looking towards new and fresh textures, adding post-rock dynamics, subtle orchestral swirls and some alt-country inflections. Leading the record’s sonic journey are these grandiose, heart-on-sleeve emo-punk melodies that are backed up by the painstaking honesty of guitarist Nathan Tompkins’ lyrics. But it’s how Nathan shares his vulnerabilities with the rest of his band mates to sing in unison that gives I Feel Fine this overwhelming sense of unity and brotherhood. The chemistry the quartet share is electric and reaches conclusions of hope and optimism. Wistful, self-aware and incredibly relatable, I Feel Fine want to open up a dialogue between themselves and the listener, a mindfulness that is both refreshing to hear. This is a band that want to step out and get everyone singing together with them. I Feel Fine is Joe, Nathan, Antoine and Jack 📷 by Theodoreswaddling