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12,359 Monthly Listeners

About this Artist

Posted By ScottDW

Scott Winn is one of the most innovative artists to emerge from the digital world. Known for his viral music videos on YouTube, Winn takes great pride in his original music that he writes, performs, and produces.

His catchy pop melodies, memorable vocal hooks, and EDM-style production are some of ScottDW's trademarks. His work has topped the iTunes Pop and Hip Hop Charts, and continues to influence listeners around the globe.

Where people listen

  • 1.
    London, GB
    262 Listeners
  • 2.
    Los Angeles, US
    210 Listeners
  • 3.
    Chicago, US
    183 Listeners
  • 4.
    Paris, FR
    152 Listeners
  • 5.
    Dallas, US
    142 Listeners
  • 6.
    Singapore, SG
    123 Listeners