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She's Got Claws is Micci Lou.

Micci is the head writer who programs, arranges, engineers and produces electronic songs at Chameleon Studios. Check us out on Patreon: 
 Doppelgänger is the new album and showcases She’s Got Claws’ unique electronic Prodigy/Numan-esque sound of combining huge slabs of live bass, bone crunching electronic drums, catchy synth hooks with female dulcet tones. Doppelgänger represents SGC’s first collaboration with Liverpool based musician/producer Andy McCluskey (OMD) on songs Adulation & Love Lies Bleeding. Also, Andy recommended his nephew, Cameron McCluskey, which resulted in a dance floor filling remix of the song Musik. 
Previous press and audio drops from previous releases: MTV, MTV Extreme Sports, Sky, BSkyB Sports, BBC1, BBC3.