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I’m weird and I sing a bit. I’m a closet scientist when in hermit mode and I make surrealist art to process the constant bullshit that life throws my way. I’m equally as social as I am anti-social and have a dog that acts more like a jaded muppet than a dog. My life is very Gypsy-like and I embrace that. Music is literally the only way I know how to communicated effectively and express the inner workings of my soul. My brain was smashed up in a car crash so every day it’s as if I’m on psychedelics, which is intense and strange, but I make the most of it and more or less live life in an alternate dimension as a result. Nothing about me is perfect, so my idea of perfection is quite warped, but I still strive for it. No one messes with my tribe. The people I love are everything to me and I protect

them like a mamma grizzly bear. And I love my fans, so know you are tribe. Expect music in every possible genre and don’t judge when I drop weird shit. It’s going to happen a lot. Just go with it. I’m taking you I’m a journey and it’s well worth the ride.