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Hello there. We're The Amber Bugs. We don't want to be defined by a single idea and neither should you. There are experts and then there are generalists. Experts are great. You can be like "oh you're the guy who knows about neutrino interactions in hot dense matter, I know exactly what to do with that information. "Alas, The Amber Bugs are not experts, We are generalists. I mean ok, we're sort of an "indie band" but that's like saying a curry is basically a chicken dish. It's not a banging curry without marinades, spices, side dishes and a mint choc and a moist towelette to finish. And it's not a banging Amber Bugs tune without some ska seasoning, some juicy jazz licks and a tangy surprise you can't quite place to confuse your ear buds. Influences are important. If you want to understand what makes us tick look no further than Conor Oberst - Sonic Boom Six - Gaffa Tape Sandy - Less Than Jake - The Ha'pennies - Suburban Legends - Izzie Yardley - We Are Scientists -Paul Simon - Radiohead - Sublime - Frightened Rabbit - Cherry Poppin' Daddies - BODEGA - Car Seat Headrest - Fiende Fatale - Van Morrison - Tom McGuire & the Brassholes - Simon Joyner - Ben Folds