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Jochem Paap’s first record as Speedy J landed on Plus 8 back in 1990, and yet he still engages with electronic music with the curiosity and productivity you’d expect of someone new to the game. His long and winding career has plenty of storied touchstones – seminal electronica LPs on Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence series and Planet Mu, ambient epics on FAX +49-69/450464 Records, and a relentless wave of razor-sharp club 12”s across most of the iconic techno labels you’d care to think of. For all these achievements, the here and now of Paap’s life in music is just as interesting. Via his Electric Deluxe label he champions some of the most daring techno variations in current circulation. Meanwhile, STOOR is a bold new venture that encompasses a Rotterdam-based studio and label, where Paap opens the doors to established artists and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in a high-spec environment for all manner of creative outcomes.