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Younger Brother is a cutting-edge mixed-genre electronica project featuring experimental musicians Simon Posford (Shpongle , Hallucinogen) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus). This unique pairing synthesizes a remarkable blend of creative musical sensibilities, legendary soundsmith Posford’s mastery of programming and melodic inclinations being perfectly complemented by Vaughan’s quirky harmonic choices and inspired imagination. Formed spontaneously when the pair collaborated on a charity project in the late 90s, Younger Brother released their first track on Twisted Records in 2000 and over the course of the first two decades of the millennium produced three innovative hit albums that earned them a cult following across the globe. Their boundary-defying productions cover an abundant array of styles, their ever-evolving forms invoking an equally vast range of moods. The duo has been back in the studio in 2020, delving into the rabbit-hole of possibilities afforded them by the latest production technology and their own boundless curiosity. Always on the cusp of experimental musical evolution, Posford and Vaughan are forging new sonic portraits that define our current ethos and what lies beyond our immediate perception. With their expansive imagination being the only limit, Younger Brother are sure to continue pushing the boundaries of where consciousness and music intersect.