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BOOKING: La crème de la crème of the ketapop, as we refer to this so far nameless phenomenon blossoming in electronic music far off the mainstream. In their artistic prime since a few years ago, they have been busy playing festivals across the world, locking themselves for weeks in the studio for production, pursuing their academic goals and other lofty interests, trying to make some time for personal lives... Taking full advantage of harmony, melody and rhythm, their music sounds however much more experimental, abstract and contemplative compared to what one would normally hear in clubs. Slow on beat, it has a deep meditative calm to it. One may think it's been created in isolation and for spaces that are uncrowded. Does this style reflect the atmosphere of their hometown and its music scene that is much more intimate than any in a metropolis, perhaps? Possibly.

As part of international well know Labels like "Audiolith" and "Laut &amp; Luise Records" and doing their magic at their other live project WIDE AWAKE, NINZE &amp; OKAXY got to enchant the crowds all around the globe. Not only did the dyad gather impressions and inspiration from their various trips but also by working together with other artists such as Mira, Feathered Sun and Oceanvs Orientalis, constantly developing their sound to continue their musical journey. Let’s hit the play button on their most recent productions and clear our impressions with Julian Mosch and Tom Rumberger themselves.<br>