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Bristol experimental pop group Poisonous Birds have invited an array of artists to remix their 2020 EP, ‘We Can Never Not Be All Of Us’. The group released their EP in August 2020, and have now enlisted artists including Loraine James, ASTRYD, Fever 103° and Delay Grounds to put their own spin on the tracklist, which fused elements of art rock, pop and techno into a maximalist, emotional collection. Other artists on remix duty for the ‘All Of Us’ remix EP include Urkt, Exit Lights and Tim Williams. London artist Loraine James, whose new album ‘Reflection’ will be released on Hyperdub in June, weaves the the title track’s individual components through a cloud of distortion and fluttering melodies. Vocalist Tom Ridley’s words become a wordless, meditative mantra, alchemising with James’ hazy production and a beat that slowly emerges towards the end.