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Our name is London O’Connor and we are writing this. We are not going to pretend like someone else is writing it for us (we’re on Spotify talking like its just you and us). We are the Chief Executive Artist (CEA) of AWL. AWL is a company. It is a utilities provider. We make utilities for the emotional endurance of humans in all fields. Our focus for the first 10 years is sound. As we’re writing this in August 2018, we are working on deploying 
 an album of pop music (Utility 002: I Love You) 
 physical solar packs to keep your phone alive 
 an ios app (Compass) that deploys ambient music to match and slow your heart rate during bouts of anxiety. 
 We don’t make entertainment, we make equipment. We deploy all of the utilities from Alpha, my bedroom. 
 We produced an album a couple years ago (Utility 001: O∆) using only what could fit in our backpack at the time. When we put it out we got on the Radio (BBC Radio 1, NPR, Beats 1) played a lot of international shows, and eventually signed with a label for 6 figures. Told them would only sign if they gave us the money to make the Abbey Road of my generation in a bedroom. Thats what Alpha is, some of the best equipment in the world in our bedroom. The next year, label left their parent company and we were freed, keeping Alpha. AWL is using this freedom to tear down the old way and we are building something more useful. have only one phone number, we have modified it to be used as a dispatch network. Its 858 232 9290. Onward, London