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The multi-talented Adey Bell is an American vocalist, pianist, film composer, and actor. Born under the “Big Sky” of Montana, her music reflects this expanse. As a singer/songwriter, she joins the ranks of such poignant female virtuosos such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Kate Bush and, Joni Mitchell, blending classically influenced piano composition with raw, lyrical, and reflective intimacy. In addition to her stunningly soulful, angelic voice and scintillating piano chops, Adey’s repertoire of soul-stirring, deliciously composed originals make her impossible to classify. Adey’s transcendental, relevant art has the depth and realness of your most complex and vivid dreams. With the talent of Tori and the charisma of Madonna, she’s singing us back to the fullness of who we really are. "Adey’s music is a collection of masterworks and songbooks from the other side. It is music for uncovering the lost pieces of yourself." Find out more on her website: