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As a child Daisy Cools dreams about traveling the world and making music. Her father plays music by Ray Davies’ band The Kinks all day and all of the night and her youth revolves almost entirely around music. At the tender age of thirteen she forms her first band. Nevertheless, at eightteen, she chooses to study Art, Media and Journalism at Erasmus University, where she often annoys her professors by being too focused on her music. It’s no coincidence that shortly after getting her Master’s Degree Daisy is selected to join a songwriting course by Ray Davies. He teaches a small group of songwriters for a week in a country house near Manchester. This is when and where Daisy writes many of the songs that end up on her first album The Secrets We Keep. 
 She follows up the album by making of a series of Ep’s; The Europe Files. Her goal is to really get to know several European cities, which is why she lives in each one of them for six months. And of course while she’s there she performs and writes songs. Her first destination was Paris, resulting in The Paris File (2011) after which The Palermo File followed (2012). Daisy’s latest adventures were recorded on The Lisbon File (2014). In search of the ultimate sense of freedom, Daisy shares her experiences in the cities through her songs and stories. 
 Daisy is currently in Rotterdam recording an album that is set for release in 2019.