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Emerging South East London lyricist David GotSound finally shares his new 7-track project ‘The Mountains’. Self-produced entirely during lockdown, the EP draws sonic influence from mainly Boom Bap, Trap, Indie, Alternative and Jazz sources. The concept of ‘The Mountains’ concept was borne out of the idea of David imagining his bedroom in lockdown as a mountaintop cabin (depicted on the front cover), taking the time as an opportunity to pause from the bustle of everyday life, soul search and practice his craft. Lyrically, this EP sees David tying his solitude, with his long-held desire for peace of mind and being able to make his art as desired without compromises. However, even though David cocooned himself during the creation of this EP, he still expends plenty of energy speaking thoughtfully about everything outside his room, waxing lyrical about love, his family, his friends, life's milestones, and ruminating on the world left behind during his ‘trip’ to The Mountains. 
 Nurturing his love and talent for rapping since the age of nine, then discovering Grime & UK Rap in his early teens, David now cites a wide variety of musical and artistic inspirations. David is focused on giving listeners creative content from the perspective of a young Black man trying to fulfil his dreams in London, and juggle the rest of his life at the same time. It’s an exciting time for the rapper as he steps ever closer to fulfilling his creative vision.