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In 1992 Sascha Becker, who nowadays is better known under his pseudonym “Das Butterschnitzel”, was born in Dreieich near Frankfurt am Main. In his childhood he already showed a strong interest in electronic music and was deeply inspired by artists like The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Jean-Michel Jarre and other members of the electronic music movement. He plays classical and electronic guitar since hes 6 years old and uses this knowledge to produce some astonishing beautiful soundscapes. The sounds of his brothers first Djing experiments (the learning phase AT HOME) gave him his first impressions of Techno music. After some time he aquired the taste of Drum and Bass. With the age of 12 he started to mess around with "Ableton Live" (the songs were terrible!) but after some time he earned his experience. He studied Sound and Music Production at the University of applied sciences Darmstadt. Today, “Das Butterschnitzel” is unifying a wide variety of styles into a successful whole. Beyond the different genres of electronic music, among others Techno, Electro, Ambient and Experimental, his artistic work also shows ongoing influence by Classical music, Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop. He draws his ideas and inspiration from the little things, day to day life, memories and thoughts. The creation of music is his way of communicating feelings, moods and experiences. He can be himself without facing any "requirements" or "expectations"..