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lofivemusic.bandcamp.com "There's a really nice 'mundane mystical' atmosphere to the sound Neil's worked up on his lovely new album Geography of the Abyss - muzzy textures like looking out through a coach window that's streaked with rippling rivulets of heavy rain, or trying to peer through the frosted-glass window of your front door to see who's coming up the path. The vibe of the album reminds me of the sort of trance you can fall into while travelling on a train or a bus, that feeling of slipping outside the moorings of time." Simon Reynolds - Retromania blog "... hauntological wooze and time-worn reverberations of UK rave as foundations, each piece here works as a blurred, tantalising vision of something sublimated and just out of reach. Hear the impressionistic strings and nebulous synths of 'Children Four' for example, and perhaps hear the sound of dreams. Outstanding." Carl Griffin - Electronic Sound magazine --- Lo Five is a Liverpool-based producer of ambient/experimental electronica. In 2015 Lo Five founded Emotion Wave, a platform for emerging experimental electronic artists - events, radio and a label that serves to promote members of the extended Emotion Wave family.