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It couldn’t be held back any longer. In autumn 2017 Erik Dahl formed this ensemble after accumulating influences for a long time. What to do with all those echoes of jazz, pop and classical? Erik decided to use extramusical inspiration to sort of tame the diversity. He had just fallen in love with the writing of Ursula K Le Guin. The novel The Left Hand of Darkness was the perfect thing to focus the attention. It brought a whole plethora of ideas, settings and emotions. The resulting Gethenian Suite is an original creation fueled by the emotional reactions to the book. What are the influences then? To name but a few ranging from jazz (Charles Mingus, Jane Ira Bloom, John Zorn) to pop (Björk, Burt Bacharach) to classical (Benjamin Britten, Carl Nielsen) to electronic (Murcof, Kaleema) gives a sense of the world of sounds. Band members: Erik Dahl: piano/electronics Anna Cochrane: violin/viola Anna Malmström: clarinet/bass clarinet Andreas Thurfjell: alto/baritone saxophone Tove Brandt: double bass William Soovik: drums/percussion