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The Yehuda Ashkenazi Project seed was planted in Morocco in 2018 with his spiritual mother and guide Karen Berg as part of the Light House project at the Kabbalah Centre. Yehuda started recording his music with the intent to bring healing to the hearts of the listeners, collaborating with musicians from all religions and modalities. Teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah over 20 years under the wings of Rav & Karen Berg with the Kabbalah Centre. One religion was never a part of God’s plan. We are meant to be varied, to be different, and yet to act as One. To respect and celebrate each other, because each and every one of us has a spark of God within. Rav Berg once wrote, “Unity is when we overcome the characterizations of the separateness of each other and choose instead to connect on a soul level.” We need each and every soul in this world working together, so that we may rise above our differences and connect instead to the divine attributes that bind us. There is Light that exists in everyone. Remember; What unites us is greater than what divides us.