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Ānemi is an Alt-ElectroPop band based in Athens. Their first EP is a story about society and people and was unveiled one single at a time throughout 2020. One of the most important thing for the band is originality and authenticity. They believe music is pure expression and they compliment their sound with a storytelling through photos, mini-movies and performances. The three main members are: Amaria - brings mesmerizing Vocals and Melodies to the music. Chop Juggler - Is one of the most talented upcoming producers in Greece, with a unique electronic/multi layered sound John Logothetis - Brings soulful Guitar solos which define Ānemi’s Alternative sound Their most unique characteristic is their chilled and dreamy vibe. Their shows are an open discussion with the audience the universe! 
 “The main theme that we discuss is mental health and philosophical questions about everything. From hiding from our thoughts to believing in false realities, Ānemi has spotted several ideas we want to share with you. “ 
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