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Little Us is A modern hard rock band based in Connecticut. By embracing their varying influences, Little Us has solidified their place in the scene by blending the nostalgic and catchy arrangements of the 80’s with the high energy and explosive qualities found in modern rock music.

The band is comprised of Rithya Claude (lead vocals and guitar), Ethan Johnson (Keyboard and vocals), Alex Pearson (guitar and vocals), and Kallen Colbert (drums). Their releases include the Little Us EP (early 2018), their single "It's Time" (late 2018) and their latest singles called "Something Real" (Sept. 13th, 2019), "Don't Let Go" (Nov. 22nd, 2019) and "You'll Be Fine" (Dec. 20, 2019). They currently perform shows in the North East and are currently working on releasing their next single called "Another Day" on June 18, 2021.