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Duval’s work spans painting, music, photography, sculpture, design, food, video and textiles. Drawing upon his Sierra Leonean and British identity, 'Sen Am' which means ‘send it’ in Krio is Duval’s most personal album to date. Following on from his 2016 album 'Brown Loop' the album continues Duval’s work on solo piano on tracks such as 'Whale' and 'Dust' as well as introducing layers of vocal samples, production and WhatsApp voice notes from friends and family in Sierra Leone. Carrying Colour. Following time living in Sierra Leone learning traditional fabric weaving Duval started the brand Carrying Colour (CC). CC explores colour both in the sense of chromatics and identity, themes that unify Duval’s practice. These projects are released in the form of an evolving clothing range, photography, publications and lifestyle products. CC can be seen as the outlet for Duval’s creations and has recently formed an independent record label through the release of Duval’s newest album Brown Loop, which is available now.