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Southern California native, Alicia Blue, began her foray into music when she transitioned from writing poetry throughout college to setting her thoughts to song. Barely yet even able to play an instrument, she got her first guitar then and practiced from morning till night every day until the mechanics of playing and singing began to make sense to her. Alicia had been introduced to soul music early on, but found her heart in the songs of artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Through this lens she discovered the path to creating her own singular and modern sound, always using words and poetry as her driving force. In 2019 Alicia Blue released her first EP and was near-immediately contacted by Starbucks to have her song “Magma” featured in stores worldwide via their Starbucks Acoustic playlist on Spotify. Garnering immediate attention as a songwriter and singer, Alicia quickly became a pivotal figure on the LA songwriting circuit. She’s been featured in publications like Billboard and Atwood Magazine, as well as LA’s legendary KCRW. Alicia Blue’s first full-length album, Bravebird, was released April 2020 (yes, in the middle of a global pandemic), securing spots on Spotify’s influential Fresh Finds Pop and Fresh Finds Rock playlists and garnering a whole new round of buzz and attention. In January 2021, she was featured at the top of Atwood Magazine’s “2021 Artists to Watch.” Alicia's new single, "Blackbird," was out Feb 12, 2021.