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"These right here are the “Tales of Two Cities”, the catharsis of one human’s boundless love of music. The outpouring of creativity, fed by talent, intellectual freedom and exchange of knowledge. Urban Jazz sprung from classic Hip-Hop roots. The organic, the Neo, the Nu." - Block Opera, 2021 7apes is a producer & multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. Early participations in trip-hop, UK-electro, jazz, reggae and heavy metal bands, and a long-standing activity as a producer and songwriter for other artists paved the way to lush drum patterns and sloppy bass lines, jazzy chord progressions and futuristic synths. His African roots are omnipresent in his rhythm heavy, sample fueled productions, with an unerring aim for the right vibe. As an operative part of the network & label, 7apes calls Block Opera his home for his instrumental works.